Damned Souls

by Xorcist

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The first official Xorcist release on 21st Circuitry Records.


released May 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Xorcist California

Since 1985 I've been writing and performing as Xorcist along with my side projects XE:NON and Diode Fetish.

I've scored several indie movies and video games and was one of the sound designers for the MTV Aeon Flux series.

I was also one of the 4 co-partners for the infamous House of Usher nightclub in the Bay Area and to this day still DJ/VJ throughout the Bay Area.
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Track Name: So Big
isn't it so nice
the things you ask for
you always get

doesn't matter how
as long as you're
completely content

who cares who gets hurt
you've got the time
no skin can come off
a back so raw

never anyone could satisfy
the selfish lies you keep inside
you fucked 'em once, you'd fuck 'em again
cause second nature for you is a bed

hurt for you is love
the more you want it
the harder they fall
lies are your best game
so much so
even your cum's no loss

you're heaven's devil
sent down to me
if hell could find you
they'd worship thee

there's no place like home
there's no place like home

i believed in you
together we felt
so much more
i believe this true
along with those
whom you've destroyed before

was i so careless
was i so blind
you said you loved me
guess that meant goodbye

i'm glad you're here
i'm glad you're here
Track Name: Pray
Listening, to the dead night
stillness in the air
so thick, you can't breathe it
so thick, you can not hear

watching, from a distance
all which, is at hand
the further it escapes me
the less i understand

frightened, on the inside
powerless, against the fear
terror draws among you
terror draws you near

questions of dementia
spirits in my mind
dancing, singing, laughing, screaming
somebody pray
somebody pray they go away

sensations of the undead
creatures inside your head
a nightmare, not to forgive
a nightmare, for you to live

questions of dementia
spirits in my mind
dancing, singing, laughing, screaming
somebody pray
somebody pray they go away
Track Name: Business Of God
i don't want your secrets
i don't want your time
i just want you helpless
i just want you blind

i don't want your kindness
or your sympathy
i just want your money
all of it for me

is it in your belief
to do what you are told
to follow the masses
to question your soul

i don't want your kindness
or your sympathy
i just want your body
all of it for me

o come all ye faithful
of those all to me
and for a donation
i'll set your soul free

i don't want your kindness
or your sympathy
i just want your body
all of it for me
Track Name: Xorcist
i'm not one for fun
i'm not one for games
i'm the one you pray to god
to save your soul another day

i am here for you
i am here for you

i'm not here for games
i'm not here to play
i've come for your soul
to watch it slip away...

i am here for you
i am here for you

i'm your xorcist...
Track Name: HateLove
you're the one who makes me see
how much you seem to care for me
you tell no truths, you tell no lies
you torment those who gave their lives

who are you to call me names
did god give you the right to blame
the others who infect your time
that you had left behind to die

you're the feeling that i fear
the deadening scream i can not hear
i push you back, i get pulled in
you comfort me for all my sins

i can't stand to feel your touch
of hatred and complete disgust
and yet i feel myself empty
without your hate and love for me

no one can accept your fate
except yourself the one you hate
so keep on telling all your lies
and notice all you touch will die
Track Name: You Are The One
you feel the fear that grows inside
the voices scream, no where to hide
don't fight it
deny it

perhaps your life's not what it seems
reality for you are dreams
don't fight it
deny it

your eyes wide open and yet you're blind
out of control, out of your mind
don't fight it
deny it

in fake disgust you look away
to watch the faith run from their veins
don't fight it
deny it

the screaming never seems to end
you try and die, to start again
to cleanse your soul you choose to pray
you can't believe it ends this way...
Track Name: Hallucination
little girl, shaved her curls
going to own the whole damn world
wants to be, want to try
got to have one more high

little boy, ran away
going to run his life his way
can't decide, live or die
got to have one more high

you can cum and you can scream
but no one cares for no one believes

listen to her fly...
listen to her try...
listen to her cry...
listen to her die...

from behind you start to whine
another trip, another time
the heat inside, the stench below
your senses swell on overload

little girl and little boy
you can not help them
you never could
they're your creation
they're your reward
your hallucination in your own war
Track Name: UNGDSOB
i am your love
i am your hate
all this and more
for me and my whore

make me lie down
and beg like a dog
whip my behind
if i should do wrong

follow me round
until i get lost
then pull back my chain
and show me who's boss

don't be afraid
no need for this shit
you're my private nurse
this won't hurt a bit
pull back my skin
and stick me with pins
move closer to me...

twist my insides
blind both my eyes
pull my guts out
i swear i won't shout...
i swear i won't shout...
i won't shout...

...what a trip
Track Name: The Curse
scared and alone
weightless against the void
which cascades silence
and magnifies space
and time
what is real, is illusion
to dream is to walk
the thin fine line...

come with me
to dream
come with me
to believe
be with me
be with me
Track Name: The Dance
can you feel the night turn dark
your senses focused, razor sharp
can you feel the staring eyes
watching loudly from the skies
...the darkness romance
...in darkness we dance

can you feel the spirits dance
laughing wildly, such delight
can you feel the icy cold
that burns you up and feeds your soul
...the darkness romance
...in darkness we dance