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From The Hip (Demo Tape)

by Xorcist

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    From The Hip was the official Xorcist demo tape, all created by hand and circulated throughout radio stations and labels all over the world between 1989 and 1991. The graphic here is the latest 1991 version.
    Each track here differs from the Damned Souls release and was recorded most likely on a VHS Hi-Fi system for mastering purposes as at that time, a good VHS Hi-Fi Dolby video tape recorder was considered better fidelity then any tape could offer.
    There are stories behind every song – but aren’t there always?
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So Big 05:04
isn't it so nice the things you ask for you always get doesn't matter how as long as you're completely content who cares who gets hurt you've got the time no skin can come off a back so raw never anyone could satisfy the selfish lies you keep inside you fucked 'em once, you'd fuck 'em again cause second nature for you is a bed hurt for you is love the more you want it the harder they fall lies are your best game so much so even your cum's no loss you're heaven's devil sent down to me if hell could find you they'd worship thee there's no place like home there's no place like home i believed in you together we felt so much more i believe this true along with those whom you've destroyed before was i so careless was i so blind you said you loved me guess that meant goodbye i'm glad you're here i'm glad you're here
little girl, shaved her curls going to own the whole damn world wants to be, want to try got to have one more high little boy, ran away going to run his life his way can't decide, live or die got to have one more high you can cum and you can scream but no one cares for no one believes listen to her fly... listen to her try... listen to her cry... listen to her die... from behind you start to whine another trip, another time the heat inside, the stench below your senses swell on overload little girl and little boy you can not help them you never could they're your creation they're your reward your hallucination in your own war
Xorcist 06:54
i'm not one for fun i'm not one for games i'm the one you pray to god to save your soul another day i am here for you i am here for you i'm not here for games i'm not here to play i've come for your soul to watch it slip away... i am here for you i am here for you i'm your xorcist...
HateLove 05:28
you're the one who makes me see how much you seem to care for me you tell no truths, you tell no lies you torment those who gave their lives who are you to call me names did god give you the right to blame the others who infect your time that you had left behind to die you're the feeling that i fear the deadening scream i can not hear i push you back, i get pulled in you comfort me for all my sins i can't stand to feel your touch of hatred and complete disgust and yet i feel myself empty without your hate and love for me no one can accept your fate except yourself the one you hate so keep on telling all your lies and notice all you touch will die
i am your love i am your hate all this and more for me and my whore make me lie down and beg like a dog whip my behind if i should do wrong follow me round until i get lost then pull back my chain and show me who's boss don't be afraid no need for this shit you're my private nurse this won't hurt a bit pull back my skin and stick me with pins move closer to me... twist my insides blind both my eyes pull my guts out i swear i won't shout... i swear i won't shout... i won't shout... ...what a trip
Is Love? 09:34
Crack 07:09


released May 7, 2017


all rights reserved



Xorcist Washington

My Other Projects: XE:NON and Diode Fetish.
Past Projects: MTV’s Aeon Flux; Various scores for movies/video games

Clubs: House Of Usher (SF), The Black Lodge (SF) plus countless others.

DJ/VJ Worldwide
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