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by Xorcist

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veraneta thumbnail
veraneta Xorcist has been one of my all-time favorite artists since I became aware of them. I admit, I may have cried a few tears (of joy) when I found this album. New music? Hell yes! I'm in. Favorite Track? I picked "I Fall Apart" but God, L'assassin, and Heaven are hot on the heels for favorite. Xorcist hits me on a visceral level. Favorite track: I Fall Apart.
Matthew Ball
Matthew Ball thumbnail
Matthew Ball Can't believe I've only just heard this band today! ordered God CD
and will spread the word, brilliant!
jared thumbnail
jared during this dark time ive had this on repeat. thank you. Favorite track: L'assassin.
chase brunton
chase brunton thumbnail
chase brunton Love this album; it’s rousing and very soothing at the same time. And the lyrics are sick. Picking my favorite among the diverse tracklist was really hard, but circuit overlord is absolutely phenomenal. The lyrics and the delivery, the laid back piano/beat; and it even has a few Blade runner-esque synths flower up here and there. A+ Favorite track: Circuit Overlord.
Parasight  thumbnail
Parasight I'm so happy to see Xorcist releasing new material. He's definitely one of the most influential artists of the Electro Industrial scene of the 90's. I would put him along the ranks of Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Leaether Strip and Mentallo & The Fixer. The wait has been too long! Order a copy if you haven't already!
Dolche Gaity
Dolche Gaity thumbnail
Dolche Gaity Dear Xorcist!!! I'm very glad that you are returned! Best wishes from far Russia!
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Heaven 08:25
Structure forms over flesh - Structure forms under dress Creatures form in the night - Creatures form in the light ... Watch them dance Structure forms open gates - Structure forms incorporate Creatures form in the mind - Creatures form devices bind ... Watch them dance Rope my body - Satiate me - Whip my body - Twist and turn me Structure forms the binding force - Structure forms from intercourse Creatures form face to face - Creatures form sacred space ... Watch them dance Rope my body - satiate me - Whip my body - twist and turn me Heaven
Revolt 05:07 video
We're programmed to serve you well - Buying whatever you sell You tell us what we should do - Secrets we keep all for you It doesn't matter what they say - Revolt! - We've come to help you find your way - Revolt! You keep us from what we long - You cloud our minds with your song You keep us nailed to the ground - Afraid of what we have found It doesn't matter what they say - Revolt! - We've come to help you find your way - Revolt! You keep us nailed to the cross - Afraid we'll find what we've lost You try and shut us all down - No one can help you now We've come to take the machines down - Revolt! - No longer slaves you will be found - Revolt! We've come to take the machines down - Revolt! - No longer slaves - No longer bound - Revolt!
French châteaus to L.A. bars - Where to go you won't get far - L'assassin Watch her glide, she hunts you down - Forced to hide until you're found - L'assassin Feel her skin, the moon outside - Closing in, it's almost time - L'assassin From behind, you hear her say - Come inside, you slip away
Rise 05:19
Cryptic shadows catch your eye - Distant whispers tell the lie All your life you run so far - Never knowing who you are - Rise! Self-awareness from beyond - Senses heightened, won't be long Always knowing where you've been - you can feel them closing in - Rise! Turn to face them, meet your gods - Disengage them, fatal flaws Feel your feelings, what you know - Intercepted data flow Wrapped around your throat so tight - system shutdown - reboot - FIGHT! - RISE!
I Fall Apart 05:24
The empty nights I walk alone - I carry you upon my heart We rose so fast and danced upon the stars - Not knowing how to slow down And when I think I've got it all, I fall apart - And when I think you've got it all, you fall apart A distant sun burns in the night - Caressing Icarus's wings We see the light and yet we fail to run - We hold each other tight And when I think I've got it all, I fall apart - And when you think you've got it all, you fall apart And when we fall upon the stars...
We come from afar - We are not your gods - Wandering deep in the skies - We watch them fall Creation builds in a distant land - The chaos tears through our outstretched hand Watching the lights float about - The future's calling and all our stars are dead We feel your loneliness - We hear you calling our name We see your empty hearts - We fear we're much too late You kill your kind as our children die - The fire burns out behind your eyes Watching the lights all go out - The darkness comes now and all our stars are dead
God 05:20
Your world is built upon a lie - The teachings of a great disguise We try and help you realize - Your eyes wide open and yet you're blind God - God damned you - Inside you - Laughs at you God - God damned you - Defiled you - Denied you You fail to hear us everyday - Not one fucking thing we try to say You fail to see the benefit - You'd rather lie in your own shit God - God damned you - Inside you - Laughs at you God - God damned you - Defiled you - Denied you
She's online - And in time - Clone mirrors - Reboot her The one you adore - Circuit Overlord No escape - From your fate - In her view - Delete you The one you adore - Circuit Overlord


20 years later... Xorcist returns and "God" follows a path. A movie in your mind where religion is control or is it freedom become religion. Your choice. Or is it.

While there have been side projects and the occasional remix, Peter Stone (aka Bat) returns to the helm of Xorcist to put forth to you, the listener, the story within his mind which once finally put to task, burst forth within six months in the year 2017 on this planet Earth.

It is with great trepidation this album is released as no doubt, it will once again push the envelope of reception as do all Xorcist releases. The powers that be hope you will travel down this audio storybook road filled with sights unseen and sounds unheard with open minds and open hearts where upon exit, you will have hope... you will have insight... for you have heard the voice of God and the next move is all yours.


This is the DIGITAL RELEASE ONLY - There are TWO physical CD limited release versions (with bonus track) also available from me directly. Please write xorcist@xorcist.com


released January 23, 2018

All music, lyrics, recording, mastering, artwork, etc. by Bat.
(C)(P) 2018-2020 - Xorcist [ASCAP]


all rights reserved



Xorcist Washington

My Other Projects: XE:NON and Diode Fetish.
Past Projects: MTV’s Aeon Flux; Various scores for movies/video games

Clubs: House Of Usher (SF), The Black Lodge (SF) plus countless others.

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