Soul Reflection

by Xorcist

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    This bandcamp release contains the DATA track on the CD which was a current snapshot of my Xorcist website at the time. Please note: Rename to .rar to unrar!

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05:16 video
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This 1997 release came during our national tour and dove deeper into my soundtrack/atmospherical sound. My work scoring video games was already being highly received with BAD MOJO and so atmospheres were still pretty fresh in my brain, influencing such tracks as Pool Of Thought and Meditatio.

I had also just come off of a sabbatical of not watching television for over a year and it wasn’t until I caught an old episode of Babylon-5 on some random video tape I found that I turned the TV back on. Obviously an influence to me as evidenced with Anima.

Safuna spoke for itself – like a bible of truth and Governet was apparently a decade and change before it’s time but I saw it coming.

Stains? Probably not what you're thinking it's about but perhaps it is.

This release also featured a DATA TRACK containing the latest snapshot of my Xorcist website and features various bits of data including pics and videos. Be forewarned! The website was made over 20 year ago and some data may not play on your system :D

Note: Due to bandcamp's limitation of attachments, it's been given a .png extension. Simply remove that and leave the .rar as the extension to then extract.


released May 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Xorcist California

Since 1985 I've been writing and performing as Xorcist along with my side projects XE:NON and Diode Fetish.

I've scored several indie movies and video games and was one of the sound designers for the MTV Aeon Flux series.

I was also one of the 4 co-partners for the infamous House of Usher nightclub in the Bay Area and to this day still DJ/VJ throughout the Bay Area.
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Track Name: Anima
life hope love trust blood lust rage fire

darkness grows pale shadows dim
the countless lay beside you
action falls moment cut
the haunted damned to find you

wakes of form from your hand
ripple through creation
dying breed lost alive
seek destination
overthought selfish choice
offer course correction
global death intracide
face your soul reflection

in your eyes shadows form to shape
they hide behind you
recognize dormant fears
feel their minds inside you
pure release toxic hold
fear grip illusion safety
time for change pure energy
your own pain will take you away

throw away shallow fears
learn to see beyond them
look within search for truth
we can not wait much longer
Track Name: Governet
I fail to see the lies they speak
i fail to hear their dying screams
i fail to waken from this sleep
i fail to leave my loyal sheep

take away your voice
take away your choice
we've come a long long way
we're here and here to stay
take away your sight
take away your rights
we've got you in our net
we are your government

give you basic needs
give you hate and greed
we've come a long long way
we're here and here to stay
show you desperation
show you a failing nation
we've got you in our net
we are your government

my mind awake my body whole
i consciously break from this hold
i no longer will live this lie
i will fight back the greys must die
Track Name: Scorched Blood
your eyes cut open
you watch them silently
as greed eats them up
a glistening black sea

the sewer rot festering womb
of mothers dark creation
will not release without a trial
ingesting self degration

don't be caught unaware
while the fingers try to pry
their way in

scorched blood
it's in your veins
it feeds your pain
it's on your lips
runs from your hips
Track Name: Stains
let me in let me walk with you
let me feel all the things you do
let me touch all that you have seen
take my hand don't you trust in me
let me steal all your agony
let me run my strong hands down your neck
as your teeth hit the ground and i cover your
back with my stains

let me play don't put up a fight
my control should be your delight
stay awake i'm not done with you
stay alive there's much more to do
rape your heart burn off all your hair
slice your veins suck out all your air
let me burn you all down blow you up
tear you out suck you dry leave you covered
in all of my stains

who will save me
who will save me